Roundup: Colombia, protest chaplains, Occupiers, church garden, Keith Garner

Roundup: Colombia, protest chaplains, Occupiers, church garden, Keith Garner

Churches inaugurate monitoring program for victims of violence in Colombia

Official statistics indicate the existence of three million people who were pushed away from their land and property in Colombia due to armed conflict that has taken place for years in the country. Human rights organisations claim, however, that the number of “displaced people” is actually close to 5 million people.

‘Protest chaplains’ shepherd movement’s spiritual side

As waves of demonstrators descended on New York City to protest corporate greed, they were met by typical sounds of raucous youth-led protests: drum beats, police sirens and shouted political slogans. They didn’t expect to hear hymns.

An open letter to the Occupiers from a veteran troublemaker

There are ethics to be named here, and the transition from the pseudo-ethic of endless growth to the moral ethics of sustainability is a conversation occurring even now in our nation’s business schools (if, perhaps, secreted inside the official curriculum).

Quakers Hill church garden maintenance

The Quakers Hill Uniting Church wants the community to become involved with their new garden.

Word and deed

The Rev. Dr Keith Garner, as head of Wesley Mission in Sydney, has a special view of the myriad problems that affect people every day. Here he discussed the impetus behind his church’s deep commitment to good works in society: what they call “Word and Deed”.


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