Roundup: Christian cliches, peak oil (not), joint mourning, Islamic finance, dialogue, interfaith resources, same-sex partnerships

Roundup: Christian cliches, peak oil (not), joint mourning, Islamic finance, dialogue, interfaith resources, same-sex partnerships

United Reformed Church votes to bless same-sex partnerships

In a historic move, the United Reformed Church (URC) has become the largest faith group in Britain to decide to bless same-sex partnerships on its premises. The URC’s General Assembly voted yesterday (7 July) to take advantage of a change in the law that means civil partnerships for same-sex couples can be solemnised on religious premises.

Interfaith September Resources

During September, congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia, as well as other interested individuals or groups, are encouraged to create a community of hospitality, conversation and friendship with people of all faiths throughout their neighbourhood.

ACT can be model of diversity with new mosque

Through dialogue, Muslims can have a forum to share their faith with others and also to respond to concerns. Again, this process has already been started at the grassroots with the Uniting Church neighbouring the proposed mosque welcoming the development. The progressive and positive outlook of that church’s minister needs to be replicated across the country.

Jesus saves, Moses lends, Muhammad invests

While orthodox finance is in a mess, Islamic finance is growing strong. Maybe a little financial sharia law would help everybody? Before you cast judgment, let us explain about God and mammon.

Faiths unite in prayer to mourn asylum-seekers lost at sea

Uniting Church ministers have begun inviting Muslims and their imams into congregations across the country to jointly lament the deaths of asylum-seekers who drowned last month trying to get to Australia.

Batter up: oil enough to deep-fry the lot of us

Humanity seems to be like the girl in Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece Pan’s Labyrinth: she knows that if she eats the exquisite feast laid out in front of her, she too will be consumed, but she cannot help herself.

Ten cliches Christians should never use

We Christians have a remarkable talent for sticking our feet in our mouths.


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