Resolution heralds a new era of collaboration

Resolution heralds a new era of collaboration

A Resolution for the recent Assembly meeting in Perth heralds new era of collaboration between UnitingWorld, UnitingCare and the China Christian Council.

UnitingWorld were delighted with the unanimous acceptance of Assembly Proposal 69 at the recent Assembly Meeting in Perth, which asked that the Assembly welcome the emerging relationship between the Uniting Church in Australia and the China Christian Council and affirm the importance of this relationship.

The resolution heralds a new era of encouragement and ongoing collaboration through UnitingCare and UnitingWorld, and strengthens the existing partnership between the China Christian Council and the Uniting Church in Australia.

The Proposal called for the encouragement of UnitingCare and UnitingWorld to actively collaborate in growing this partnership, particularly through mutual learning and support for social services provision and theological education. It also sought for the Uniting Church in Australia to encourage UnitingCare and UnitingWorld to use their learning and experience from this relationship to strengthen their own agencies and to share these experiences for the benefit of the wider Uniting Church.

Lin Hatfield Dodds, UnitingCare’s National Director commented, “This Assembly Resolution is an important step for the Uniting Church in Australia because it endorses and supports a national approach for UnitingCare to engage with the China Christian Council and share our expertise on social service delivery. This is a great opportunity for UnitingCare. Our staff and organisations across Australia will learn and benefit from this exciting partnership.”

Rob Floyd, UnitingWorld’s National Director, also commented on the agreement.

“We were delighted to host members of the China Christian Council at the Triennial Assembly and were particularly thankful for their participation in a UnitingWorld hosted lunch, where the China Christian Council’s General Secretary Rev Kan Baoping, Vice Chairman Rev Dr Chen Yilu, along with UnitingCare’s National Director Lin Hatfield Dodds and UnitingWorld’s Rev Dr Ji Zhang discussed the challenges and unique opportunities of the growing church in China. UnitingWorld is working closely with the China Christian Council to support them in theological reflection and training for their church, another area of need for them where we have some skills and resources to offer.

“Our lunch was an engaging, yet informal way for people of the Uniting Church to meet with members of the Church in China and talk with them about the potential of our unique partnership.  We’re thankful so many people took the opportunity to do so.”


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