Reconstructing your faith

Reconstructing your faith

James McGrath is working on a new book he says is aimed at Christians who are “reconstructing their faith.” 

In a post on Facebook, Dr McGrath announced he has signed a contract with Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company for a new book called Reconstructing Your Faith. 

“I have had so many conversations recently, and overheard many others saying things on social media, to the effect that they’ve been through the process of “deconstructing” their previous worldview (or quite often having it collapse despite their efforts to shore it up),” he said. 
“They’ve since defined themselves negatively in relation to that past ideology. “Not that kind of Christian.” “I’m a Christian but I no longer believe X or Y.” Now they’re tired of always saying what they are not and ready to formulate in positive terms who they are, what they believe, and what they stand for, and why.” 

“Biblical scholars are often people who’ve been through this process as a result of our studies. The things we write about the Bible regularly cause others to have their assumptions shaken and challenged. I feel we have a duty to share our stories and our insights with others about how we worked through these things and where we’ve ended up.” 

“That’s what I do in this book. It will be my most personal book yet. For those who are ready to stop apologising for the views they no longer hold and would like practical tips or merely company as they articulate who they are now, I hope you’ll find my book Reconstructing Your Faith helpful.” 

Dr McGrath told Insights he expected the book may release in 2025. 

“It is for a different readership than my academic book about John the Baptist and so I hope they might be happy to release it sooner,” he said. 
“I do think this is important for churches, both existing ones and what churches might become or new churches might emerge in the future.” 

Dr James McGrath is the Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indianna. His previous books include The A to Z of the New Testament and What Jesus Learned From Women 


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  1. Look forward to reading! I thought Marcus Borg was good at constructing a faith I could relate to so will be interesting to see what his take is.

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