Psalms Down-Under

Psalms Down-Under

Joy Cowley and Terry Coles, Pleroma Press

A lovely collection of Christ-oriented psalms for the southern hemisphere.

There are very few subjects that Joy Cowley does not cover. From the Nativity to Learning to Tension to The Giving. It is all touched on.

She gives some interesting insights on a lot of matters; some subjective, as many objective.

I particularly love her poem “God of washing, God of unmade beds”it appeals to the housewife and mother in me.

The titles of her poems are evocative of their content. “Nativity”, “Friend”, “Lazarus”, “Offering” and “The Burning Bush” are just a few examples.

The book is great to read straight through and then to use to browse and meditate. Many of the psalms become a prayer. I know it will be a great resource to be used for preaching, in church services and for sharing with friends and a pleasure to own.

The photos supplied by Terry Coles are often poignant and always appropriate.

An excellent production.

Lyn Housen


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