‘Prosper’ to depict Australian megachurch with shameful secrets

‘Prosper’ to depict Australian megachurch with shameful secrets

A new streaming series will depict an Australian megachurch led by a powerful family that is protecting secrets.

Richard Roxburgh and Rebecca Gibney have been cast in the drama series Prosper, which will stream on Stan. Roxburgh and Gibney will lead the cast show, which currently being promoted as a family drama and a “provocative peek behind the curtain of power and privilege.”

The series is currently being produced in New South Wales, and the first episode will be called ‘Man of God.’

Mr Roxburgh will play Cal Quinn, the founder and global pastor of fictional Sydney megachurch U Star. Ms Gibney will play Abi Quinn, Cal’s wife and the church’s worship leader. The series’ megachurch will be depicted as a fast growing Australian denomination expanding overseas.

Prosper is a powerful family drama that is cleverly written, and arrives with impeccable timing,” Mr Roxburgh said.

“Cal Quinn is an irresistible character. He’s a luminous and powerful figure, yet plagued with doubt and secrets. And the excellent writing team have surrounded him with equally complex characters. I can’t wait to jump into this with the cast and bring it all to life.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the cast of Prosper and can’t wait to start working with the incredibly talented team behind this very special and timely drama series,” Ms Gibney said. “The producers have assembled an astonishing cast and crew, the scripts are fabulous and Abi Quinn is unlike anyone I have played before.”

Prosper will stream on Stan.


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