Privilege to experience

Privilege to experience

I note that your last edition (DEC/JAN) featured several pieces on people with disabilities or rather “special needs”.

Can you imagine, a courageous young woman with an intellectual disability standing up in the pulpit and addressing a large congregation in church.

My wife and I were privileged to share this experience with several hundred other worshippers in the Wayzata Community Church, Wayzata Minnesota USA on 27 August 2017.   Such was the impact that, when the sermon finished, the large congregation gave the preacher a standing ovation?  In many decades of worship (I am 76 and have been part of the churches preaching ministry for more than two thirds of that time) I have never seen such a thing.  The congregation’s reaction was totally spontaneous and to heck with all convention!  What an experience! Would that all my friends could share in the most moving experience of listening to what this fine young person had to say.

Well, you can. Just Google Wazata Community Church and the young lady’s name – Allie Henley – and you will find it dated the 27th of August.  Hope you are as moved as my wife and I were.

“Everyday Miracles” August 27th, 2017 – Sunday Insight, Allie Henley from Wayzata Community Church on Vimeo.

Pictured: Allie Henley (Source: Wayzata Community Church Vimeo)

Ian Sanderson, Normanhurst Uniting Church.


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