News round-up: September 24

News round-up: September 24

Pope Francis shares Jesus with the homeless

This week’s tour of the USA by Pope Francis has caused a massive stir, loads of global attention being directed at the leader of the Catholic Church. While he’s been advising President Obama and addressing the US Congress to urge the sharing of wealth, defending of life (at every stage of development) and protecting refugees and our planet, Pope Francis also has spent time with everyday, regular people. At a church service in Washington DC, homeless people were invited to hear Pope Francis speak. He told them about Jesus, the son of God, being homeless at the time of his birth.


Teens to serve Sydney

Wesley Urban Mission begins on Sunday, September 26. Running for one week during the school holidays, Wesley Urban Mission encourages teens to do something “unselfie” by learning to be Christ-like servants. Across the week, Urban Mission teams will serve marginalised children, young people and adults across Sydney. The teams also will get to know community workers who are dedicated to serving others in the name of Christ. The Urban Mission will be based on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour and intends to help every young person involved to connect with Jesus and His call upon their lives.



Global gospel thunderclap coming soon

Something is happening on September 30 that sounds like a Christian weather report. But the global gospel thunderclap organised by Christian Vision (a global ministry) is an online attempt to spread the good news of Jesus. In one massive moment of digital unity.

“A Thunderclap is a piece of online software that shares a specific message on your chosen social media feed on a designated day and time,” explained Nathan Spicer, Global Manager of yesHEis (an app created by Christian Vision). “A ‘blast’ occurs when many people sign up to share and the internet is flooded with the same message… Imagine what would happen if Christians all over the world stood together in a single moment in time to declare their faith. Not only would it be very hard to ignore but it would send a powerful good news message to the rest of the world.”



I owe my success to God: Jarryd Hayne

What plenty of people dream about, Jarryd Hayne has done. Having played at the top level of the AFL and NRL in Australia, Hayne recently started on-field for the San Francisco ’49ers in the USA’s NFL competition. Impressive. Even more so, though, is how Hayne isn’t shy about explaining what is the secret to his success. “All the glory goes to God because without him none of this is possible,” Hayne told Channel Nine’s Today show. “This is not humanly possible what I have done.”



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