News round-up: September 11

News round-up: September 11

How should we feel about 9/11 images?

Every year since 2001, September 11 has been a sombre day of international remembrance. But a gallery of images on raises the question of how we should continue to react to the attacks upon New York City’s World Trade Centres. Full of disturbing pictures of terrorist actions, crumbling buildings and damaged people, the News gallery calls us all to “never forget” what happened on 9/11/2001. Do such galleries help us to commemorate and heal, or do they foster a continuing sense of outrage and, possibly, revenge? What is the purpose of such tributes? Does being a Christian make any difference to the ways of remembering tragedies and hate crimes?



“I’m a Christian, But I’m Not…” viral video

One of the web’s most popular sites is Buzzfeed. It produced a video with a bunch of young Christians. Check out “I’m a Christian, But I’m Not…”, a short video that seems to be want to combat negative stereotypes about Christians. However, as blogger Matt Walsh points out, the video suggests some things about Christianity that might not be helpful. The Christians in the video hardly mention the centre of Christianity — Jesus — and their statements could be heard as having a go at all other Christians. Such feedback indicates that using online tools to present Christianity well and powerfully, is something that should be done… but with great care, thought and prayer.



Australia to take 12,000 more Syrians — and will bomb Syria

We’ve been keeping you updated all week about the troubling and consuming refugee crisis being caused by Syrian conflict. The Uniting Church’s support of increased refugee intake into Australia has been loudly stated, so the latest news of an additional 12,000 Syrian refugees being accepted is highly welcomed. But the Australian Government also has agreed to attack Islamic State targets in Syria this week, by joining an US-led airstrike.



Prayer powers War Room

Continuing to be a box-office success in the USA, Christian movie War Room (from the makers of Fireproof and Courageous) is all about the power of prayer. Speaking this week with Hope 103.2 morning presenter Emma Mullings, the film-making brothers behind War Room revealed that they always commit their work choices to prayer. Former pastor Stephen Kendrick (with his brother Alex) have become two of the best-known names in Christian cinema. Despite success, they remain grounded in Christian faith and personally confirm that prayer works.



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