News round-up: November 20

News round-up: November 20

The Voice finalist in USA sings a hymn!

Talk about a creative way to use mass media for God. Jordan Smith is one of the last 12 competitors left in the current season of The Voice (on American TV). Rather than singing something straight out of the latest playlists, Smith performed the old hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness on Monday night. Within an hour of Smith’s performance being broadcast, it had reached Number Two on iTunes highest-selling songs. Already, more than 2.3 million people have watched Smith’s clip on YouTube. Nice way to sing God’s praises, Mr Smith.

Prayer campaign against domestic violence

Between November 25 and December 10, Common Grace is calling upon Christians to unite in 16 days of going to God about one of society’s worst issues. Domestic and family violence continues to occur in Australia. This shameful and deplorable fact needs to be overturned. Common Grace’s prayer campaign will include social media stories and alerts, as it seeks to share the anti-violence message.


Christians buy an Outback Pub

That’s not a joke. A married Christian couple has bought and run the pub in Blyth, a small South Australian town several hours north of Adelaide. While they have faced some opposition, Jarrod and Naomi Egan operate the Blyth pub in a counter-cultural way. “The hotel in this community has always been run to destroy people’s lives. We’re trying to change that,” the Egans told Eternity newspaper. Along with encouraging patrons to drink non-alcoholic drinks, there are Bibles in the bar, a prayer room, a Christian library upstairs and Bible study groups held each week.


Hitler was a Christian, according to Whoopi Goldberg

American comedian and self-proclaimed atheist Whoopi Goldberg is one of the hosts of American TV talkshow The View. This week, she and her co-hosts (including actress Candace Cameron Bure, who is a Christian) were discussing the high-level political debates about the USA taking Syrian refugees. Some American politicians who claim to be Christians have been lobbying for only Christian refugees being accepted into the USA. Following comments from The Voice panel about examples of good and “bad” Christians, Goldberg made this provocative statement: “There have been a lot of monster Christians. Hitler was a Christian.” Click through for her explanation and the reactions she received.




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