News Round-Up: 5 March

News Round-Up: 5 March

Unbroken wins Best Mature Audience Film at Christian movie awards

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s directorial effort Unbroken has touched the hearts of moviegoers worldwide, especially Christians. Fitting that it has been recognised with an accolade by the Movieguide Christian movie awards.

According to the Assist News Service, Jolie’s Unbroken took the top prize in the Best Mature Audience Films category, during the 23rd Movieguide Faith and Values Awards. The event was held last week, in California.

Unbroken is the story of Louis “Louie” Zamperini, an Olympic athlete who was drafted into a bomber crew during World War II. Zamperini survived for 47 days aboard a life raft in the Pacific Ocean. He and other survivors were subsequently captured by Japanese forces, who inflicted cruel treatment upon them. Zamperini was among the POWs released after WWII. Remarkably, he was eventually able to forgive his captors, because Zamperini became a devoted Christian who understood the promises, teachings and love offered by God through His Son Jesus Christ. Zamperini prominently shared his faith, up until his death in July last year.

Pictured above: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the Sydney premiere at the State Theatre in November 2014


Morocco, like Egypt, bans ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ because depicting God on film is forbidden by Islam

Egypt isn’t the only nation that has banned Exodus: Gods and Kings. Cinema managers in Morocco have been instructed not to show the film because representing God in any form is banned by Islam.

Release of Exodus had already been approved by the government-run Moroccan Cinema Center (MCC). But distributors of the movie received notice of the ban because of a scene in the film that depicts God in the form of a “child who gives a revelation to the prophet Moses”.


Family-friendly movies continue to earn more at the Box Office

It seems like more people are seeking family-friendly movies instead of R-rated ones. According to the annual box office analysis conducted by Christian group Movieguide, movies with inspiring and clean content continue to earn more money in the USA and Canada, both at the box office and as home entertainment.

The 2015 Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry revealed that family-friendly movies averaged more than $56.69 million per movie in 2014. In contrast, movies with offensive, obscene or “anti-family” immoral content only averaged about $18.68 million. The same can be said for R-rated movies, with an average of $18.81 million per movie. The Movieguide Report analysed the content of the top movies which were released by Hollywood’s major studios and earned $500,000 or more.




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