News Round-Up: 14 March

News Round-Up: 14 March

The Drop Box Will Touch Your Heart, Bring You to Tears

While watching The Drop Box, you might find yourself humming an old song you once learned in Sunday school:

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”
It would certainly be appropriate. For such a colorful documentary, The Drop Box is very straightforward in its message: all children deserve life and love.
The second installment in Focus on the Family‘s new series, The Drop Box follows 2014’s Irreplacable in its exploration of culture, pain, and family. It is a powerful, heart-wrenching reminder of the love God can both command and inspire. And just like Christ’s birth, it all begins in a tiny, wooden box.

Director becomes Christian while making The Drop Box movie

When director Brian Ivie started working on the film The Drop Box, he thought that he would be weaving his artistic vision and magic into the film. But instead, the film worked a miracle on him.”I became a Christian while making a movie. And that’s funny to me because before that, movies were God to me. They were everything. Just like success or fame or security is to other people,” shared Ivie in The Drop Box Book.The Drop Box is about South Korean Pastor Jong-rak Lee, who made it his life’s mission to save unwanted and abandoned babies. He created a “drop box” at his home so that troubled parents could leave their children without being seen. He would then care for the children himself.


Church Norris’ son believes the American church is dying

Mike Norris, son of action star Chuck Norris, expressed his disappointment with the “dying” American church in a recent interview.
Norris, who works in the film industry as a director, told Breathe Cast that while Christian films have been doing well at the box office, he does not believe there has been a cultural shift in Hollywood to embrace Christianity.

Formerly Agnostic Disney Star Says Being in Christian Film Brought Him to Faith

A former Disney star says that playing a role in a Christian film brought him back to faith. David Henrie, who is known for his previous role in the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place,” said that he was agnostic before accepting a role in the upcoming Christian film “Little Boy.”

 Christian Today reports that Henrie will portray London Busbee, the older brother of a boy who will do anything to end World War II and bring his father back home.



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