New Wesley Mission documentary series takes viewers to the heart of Jesus’ ministry

New Wesley Mission documentary series takes viewers to the heart of Jesus’ ministry

A fresh and engaging documentary series which takes you to the very heart of Jesus’ ministry is being launched in Sydney on 26 April.

The six-part The Man of Galilee series takes a first-hand look at the locations that Jesus Christ called home, and explores how his teachings remain relevant today.

The host of this powerful documentary and Superintendent of Wesley Mission, the Rev Keith Garner, explores the ministry of Jesus in the context of first century life, and visits the towns and cities that Jesus called his home.

Jesus questioned much of first century life and called followers then as he does now. His teachings remain meaningful today.

“Throughout my ministry, I’ve been very conscious of the importance of the Galilee in Jesus’ ministry,” Mr Garner said.

“It was where he lived, taught and brought about remarkable change in people’s lives. Two thousand years later, it is possible to imagine, and even enter into God’s calling in the person of Jesus Christ, through conversation with others as you visit this beautiful area.

“My hope for this series is that it enables you to understand the region and feel the call of Jesus Christ upon your life today. We are invited to consider afresh not only what his calling meant for the first disciples, but also what it can mean for those of us who have to live out our faith in the cities, towns and villages of the 21st century.”

The Sea of Galilee is shaped like a harp. It’s just 21 kilometres long, 13 kilometres at its widest and lies 200 metres below sea level, with an average depth of just 25 metres.

In the first century, there were over 200 towns and villages around the Sea of Galilee, and more than 250 boats fished its waters. The Galilee was a great agricultural area and was the setting for much of the mission of Jesus Christ. It has much to say to us today.

Watch the trailer or order the series for your church or study group here.

Episode 1: Who is the Man of Galilee

Episode 2: How does Jesus call people?

Episode 3: How does Jesus teach people?

Episode 4: How Jesus spoke to others

Episode 5: Detractors and adversaries

Episode 6: Life and religion


The series will be broadcast on Channel Nine across six Sundays at 5.30 am from Sunday 29 April to Sunday 3 June.


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