Navigating the Gospels: Luke

Navigating the Gospels: Luke

Philip Fogarty, Columbia Press

This little book is part of series on the Gospels by Irish Jesuit and retired headmaster of Clongowes Wood College. Those looking for a scholarly commentary will be disappointed: it is not intended as such. The intention is more to offer an introduction to the third Gospel for the interested lay person, drawing on the insights of scholars in doing so.

If the book were only a retelling of the gospel narrative, we might wonder why it was published at all; it would be better for people to read the Gospel itself. It actually does more than this. Here and there it offers some details of literary and historical background which clarify the message and intention of the original author. Fogarty points out, for example, that in the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah we hear echoes of the story of Abraham and Sarah. He highlights how Luke’s version of the birth story differs from the one we find in Matthew. He demonstrates how Luke tells the story so that Jesus’ message is primarily accepted by outcasts. He explains what was behind Jesus’ conflicts with the other Jewish religious leaders of his day.

Navigating the Gospels: Luke offers a gentle and helpful introduction to a more thoughtful reading of the Gospel according to Luke for the interested lay person.

Rob Bos


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