Micah Challenge urges Christians to ‘Share the Earth’

Micah Challenge urges Christians to ‘Share the Earth’

Creativity and food are two key ingredients in Micah Challenge Australia’s new advocacy campaign aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability in poor countries.

‘Share the Earth’ brings attention to the crisis of provision facing the world’s poorest people, who rely heavily on a sustainable ecosystem for food, water and shelter. The campaign focuses on Millennium Development Goal 7, which highlights environmental sustainability as a key aspect of poverty alleviation.

Micah Challenge believes that Christians in Australia have a responsibility to make sure the way we use our God-given resources leads to a flourishing environment in the world’s poorest nations and regions.

“We live in a land of enormous privilege,” said Micah Challenge National Coordinator, John Beckett. “It’s easy to fall into the belief that our standard of living is the norm, rather than the exception.”

“The reality is that billions in our world don’t even have access to life’s most basic needs – like food and water security. The enormous imbalance in the availability and consumption of environmental resources is a justice issue that Christians cannot ignore. The reality of our global village is that we really do share the earth with these people.”

“Australia has an obligation to help ensure poor countries have access to secure food, clean water, working toilets and a safe climate,” he said.

Churches, schools and individuals are encouraged to join the campaign by hosting a ‘Share the Table’ event, which will bring people together for a sustainable meal as a simple but powerful reminder to share the earth and its resources.

The creative event can range from a church picnic, to a simple bible study meal, to a Master Chef-style cooking competition. Organisers are encouraged to invite their community and local Member of Parliament. Participants will also be asked to sign ‘recipe cards’ addressed to Prime Minister Gillard urging the Government to do more to address MDG7.

“This is more than another environmental campaign,” said Mr. Beckett. “We need to remember that human need cannot be separated from our reliance on our environment.”

“Millions of lives are being lost in poor countries as a direct result of environmental factors. Children are particularly at risk – about 2million lives could be saved by sanitation interventions alone,” he said.

“This is quite simply an issue of justice and God would want us to respond with compassion.”

The launch of the new campaign coincides with World Environment Day, this Sunday June 5. For more information, and to download a guide to running a ‘Share the Table’ event, visit.


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