Meeting a NYPD cop, a dream come true for Berenice

Meeting a NYPD cop, a dream come true for Berenice

At 85 years old, Uniting Mirinjani Weston ACT resident Berenice Benson can finally tick a lifelong wish off her bucket list.

Everyday Berenice would step into the lift of the Canberra nursing home and see the breath-taking skyline of New York City that adorned the lift walls.

“I’ve always wanted to go there,” she regularly tells Uniting Mirinjani’s Leisure and Wellness Coordinator, Jo Sumner.

“I’d love to meet a New York policeman.”

Jo knew it was a long shot, but she decided to make call to the New York Police Department, with the small hope of fulfilling Berenice’s dream.

Jo’s efforts paid off. A NYPD officer, Detective Howard Shank, happened to be visiting Canberra this week and happily agreed to visit Berenice at Uniting Mirinjani.

“I’ve had a lot of strange requests in my role over the years, but this was one I was more than happy to accommodate,” Detective Shank stated, dressed in his NYPD uniform.

Berenice told Canberra Times that this visit was truly the best gift.

“I never married and I never had children but this excitement, this has been the best day of my life,” said Berenice.

Jo and the staff at Mirinjani were also over the moon at their NYPD visitor.

“At Uniting, we have the philosophy of looking after people as individuals, and it made our day to bring that little bit of New York to Berenice here in Weston,” Jo said.


Photos: Berenice meeting NYPD Detective Howard Shank  (Credit: AFP)


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