May the fourth be with the Uniting Church

May the fourth be with the Uniting Church

Ewoks, Storm troopers, and Daleks are set to join the Uniting Church as part of a special service. Taking place on Star Wars Day (May 4, get it?) Sci Fi Church is a service where cosplay is encouraged.  

Previous services in this vein have been run in Victoria. Rev. Avril Hannah-Jones ran one at Williamstown Uniting Church in 2011. She also helped run an ecumenical costume character service at Williamstown’s Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

The service was attended by a Cyberman, Star Wars droids, Harry Potter characters, and a Stepford Wife. According to Rev. Hannah-Jones, despite the costumes the service was “An absolutely typical Uniting Church service.”

Rev. Karen Mitchell-Lambert is the Pulse leader and one of Sci Fi Church Sydney’s organisers. She told Insights that the Victorian services had served as an early inspiration.

“I have been considering for a while since I heard about the one Hannah Avril Jones did in Victoria,” Rev. Mitchell Lambert recalled.

“When the new Dr Who came out there was so many great ideas around faith that I finally felt I had confidence to have a go.”

“I put out amongst my friends that I wanted to have a go and was looking for a Jedi council. We met a couple of times and are going to have a go.”

The service also coincides with Free Comic Book Day, an event where participating comic book stores and libraries give away free comics to encourage young children to read. The event also encourages cosplay.

The event will collect donations to cover the cost of the evening. Donations will also be collected towards vouchers for refugees and asylum seekers living in Sydney.

Sci Fi Church takes place at Quakers Hill Uniting Church on Saturday, 4 May, from 7pm to 9pm. For more information, visit the Facebook page here.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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