Many Cultures One in Christ

Many Cultures One in Christ

‘Many Cultures, One in Christ’ is a new worship event held regularly throughout the year in Sydney – built by and for young people of the Uniting Church. The exciting event series is building upon a strong narrative of Young Adult Discipleship engagement and formation that has, for the last 25-years, being a key area of focus in Sydney Presbytery

When Sydney Presbytery and Wesley Mission sat down to design ‘Many Cultures’, it was originally intended to be a one-off and intimate gathering set on a long weekend in June 2018. With over 300 people in attendance, it became clear that there was indeed an appetite for more and everyone left excited about the possibilities that 2019 could bring.

Speaking about the first ‘Many Cultures’ event, Makarite Erasito said: “It was such a significant moment. To be amongst people from different cultures, sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ.”

‘Many Cultures’ is different to a traditional church event – in more ways than one. The event series is designed to equip and build new leaders within the church by giving those that step up the opportunity to plan and lead every aspect of the evening. The events are dynamic, contemporary and participatory – but they are also opportunities for growth, fellowship and formation.

For those shaping ‘Many Cultures’, it is a chance to repackage the traditional faith bestowed by generations past for a younger and more culturally diverse set of future (and present) leaders.

The first ‘Many Cultures’ event for 2019 took place at Petersham Town Hall on March 2nd. 250 community elders, young people and families filled the room for a vibrant, poignant and celebratory evening.

The vibe was electric. Rev. Ace Kim and the band from OneHeart at West Ryde invited the audience into worship and song. One could not help but be caught up in the energy of the moment. Pastor Andy Chin from Wesley International congregation and Rev. Viniana Ravetali also led parts of the evening.

With grape juice and cob loaves, with coconut water and Lebanese bread; people took communion. This reiterated the message that Christ is a spring from which we are all invited to drink -no matter what we look like, no matter what we eat, where we come from or what language we speak. We are one in Christ.

Angela, one of the young adult leaders, took to the stage to walk the crowd of over 250 people through story of Jesus and the woman at the well. Another leader, Tupou, shared her story, bravely speaking about her path of rebuilding her faith after a year of pain and struggle.

‘Many Cultures, One in Christ’ is working to meet our young and diverse members where they are and find ways to listen and learn from their experience and their perspective. The next ‘Many Cultures’ event Revivify is set to be held on July 6 at Synod 2019. Register here to attend.

Join the Revivify Facebook event here.

Jonathan Hirt, Communications Manager at Sydney Presbytery
Liuanga Palu, Pacific Community Organiser, CHOICE Program Trainer
Rev. Adrian Sukumar-White, Minister at Leichhardt Uniting Church & Uniting Church Chaplain at University of Sydney


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