Making the Good News Good Again

Making the Good News Good Again

Judson Edwards
Smyth & Helwys Publishing, US$15

“This is a book about revival. Not the kind of … revivals from years ago [which] were loud, emotional and aimed at sinners. The kind of revival [Judson Edwards writes about] … is quiet, personal and aimed at Christians.”

If you sit in church services or meetings and find yourself uninspired, bored or maybe frustrated then this book is aimed at you.

If you sit in church services, meetings and other church activities and feel that things are going along quite nicely, then you may have a great church but the chances are that this book is still aimed at you.

Making the Good News Good Again asks some really helpful questions for all churches today and offers some helpful suggestions to assist us all think about how we embody our faith and discipleship.

While we may have heard or read some of what he has to say before, Judson Edwards draws his thoughts together well and writes in an easy to read style.

It may not have all the answers to the problems facing the church today but it has a good go at teasing out what lies at their core and starts us on the path to finding a positive way forward.

This is a book for every presbytery, congregation and minister (lay and ordained). It is well worth chasing up and taking the relatively short time to read it.

Jon Humphries


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