Local Arts, Justice and Adamstown Pudding

Local Arts, Justice and Adamstown Pudding

Each year Adamstown Pudding kitchen makes up to 10,000 kilograms of Christmas puddings. This project has been going for 45 years and provides funds for Lifeline, Uniting World, as well as local arts and justice projects at Adamstown Uniting Church.

Rev. Rod Pattenden is the Minister of the Word at Adamstown.

“Christmas Puddings is a wonderful expression of our hospitality and joy leading up to this celebration,” Rev Pattenden said.

“Many volunteers are involved in its packaging and presentation and the Church employs three staff to expertly make the secret recipe.”

In addition to Adamstown’s Christmas Pudding, the project is now also producing a range of gourmet flavours like ginger and apricot, double chocolate and cherry, and a delicious date.

“We have now also introduced a range of yummy sauces like dark chocolate, butterscotch, as well as jams, pickles and chutneys to our range,” Rev Pattenden said.

“We maintain an up to date website which provides easy ordering and delivery around the world with orders coming in from as far away as Canada and the UK.”

Adamstown Pudding Kitchen dates back to 1971, when a church member used her grandmother’s pudding recipe to make a dessert for a church fundraiser, in thankfulness for her brother returning safely from the Vietnam Wa​r.

An ABC Compass documentary about the pudding kitchen aired in 2015.

Adamstown’s puddings can be ordered online here.

Interested groups can contact the project organisers through the website to get a ‘Uniting’ discount and use it for Christmas fund-raising in your church or community.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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