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Eddie (The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper) isn’t living life to its full potential. Instead, he’s a straggly deadbeat unable to write one word of the novel he’s been paid for.

Looking like a hobo and entirely responsible for his disappointed girlfriend Lindy (Australian actress Abbie Cornish) dumping him, Eddie wallows in slackerdom until he is unexpectedly given a wonder drug.

While this pivotal pill ignites events which aim to reflect Limitless’ title, the promise of a mind-bending thriller is steadily doused by mundane momentum, patronising narration and soulless encounters.

Rather than relying upon the eternally significant dose of amazing personal enhancements provided by giving your life to Jesus Christ, Eddie quickly is beholden to a tablet which unlocks the parts of the brain which the majority of people never access.

With great mental power comes rapid wealth and success for Eddie. He also echoes the cautionary words of Ecclesiastes and umpteen proverbs, finding nothing of lasting meaning or worth as his addiction to worldly achievements spirals out of control.

Robert De Niro drops by as a faintly sinister businessman yet, like the rest of mediocre Limitless, he is restricted by the tethered handling of existential entertainment.

Most benefit comes from considering how Eddie’s use of supreme intelligence doesn’t result in supreme understanding.

Ben McEachen



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