Like a Hammer Shattering Rock

Like a Hammer Shattering Rock

Hearing the Gospels Today

Megan McKenna, Image Publications, $19.95.

The title of Megan McKenna’s latest book comes straight from the biblical prophet Jeremiah, much loved by the founder and principal theologian of European neo-orthodoxy, Karl Barth.

Its target readership is thoroughly Catholic.

There is much Catholic neo-orthodoxy in this volume as McKenna seeks to interpret the four gospels as they were, and as they now could be.

Then, like salt and pepper, there are biblical quotes and stories scattered throughout the text.

While McKenna does not look at any of the many other “gospels” of the early Christianities, judged as heresies by some, she does suggest seven other gospels that could be written today: the Gospels of Peace; of the Poor; of the Earth; of Science and Religion; of Art; of Church Transformation; and of Interreligious Dialogue.

A fan of her books on “story” and “parables”, I was looking forward to this collection. I was disappointed.

Rex A. E. Hunt


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