LET’S TALK: Disaster Recovery in a Pandemic

LET’S TALK: Disaster Recovery in a Pandemic

This week the Synod Communication Team is exploring new ways to connect. Steph O’Connell is Head of Public Affairs at the Synod. She is trialling ‘Let’s Talk’, a segment designed to help us all find 10 minutes to stop, disconnect from the news and stress of the day and hear how others are staying connected in an era when disconnection is the new norm.

Today, Steph talks with Reverend Dr Stephen Robinson, Coordinator of the Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network. Stephen spoke with Presbyteries on Monday morning and highlighted that disaster recovery during bushfires and other emergencies bring people together. In this pandemic, the paradigm of physical connection as a tool for support has shifted. You can see the interview with Dr Robinson here:

Steph would like to thank Rev. Dr Robinson for his words of wisdom and time the talk.


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