Kaddy Transport – a great asset in the community

Kaddy Transport – a great asset in the community

For over thirty years, Kaddy Transport has helped people with disabilities remain mobile and active.

Operating out of St. David’s Uniting Church in Dee Why, Kaddy transport started in May 1981 with only one bus. The organisation’s name stands for ‘Keen Able and Disabled of Dee Why.

The service began as the vision of Val Rayward, a member of St David’s. Ms Rayward worked at Royal North Shore Hospital where she contracted Polio. Seeing the need for transport particularly wheelchair users, she rallied around at St David’s putting together enough money to purchase their first bus. Unfortunately, she passed away a few months before the bus was delivered.

Alan Hale is the Chairman of Kaddy, a role he has held for over thirty years. He was recognised with the OAM for this service in 2014. According to Mr Hale, Kaddy is “Truly a unique and great asset in the community.”

Over a typical year, the service covers some 32,000 kilometres, transport around 1,000 wheelchair clients and 700 walking people with disabilities. The service runs in the Manly, Warringah, and Pittwater area.

“We now have four buses operating with volunteer drivers, taking disabled and elderly persons living on the Peninsula to doctor, medical and hospital appointments,” Mr Hale said.

“Unfortunately taxis are mainly the only alternative, but our clients state they are unreliable. Kaddy provides the service free of charge, and in most cases waits with the client until they are ready to return home. This can mean less discomfort for the person.”

Kaddy also has an active social club, which visits clubs and galleries among other places. The service also has an open house on Mondays for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The service has no government funding, relying on donations from organisations, clubs and individuals. It is staffed by volunteers.

Clients need a health certificate to be eligible.

Kaddy Transport operates from 8:30 to 12:30 Monday to Thursday.

To enquire about becoming a client, contact the Kaddy Transport coordinator Barbara Smith on (02) 9972 0242.

We want to hear from you

If your Church runs a community group or initiative for people with disabilities, we’d like to hear from you – send us an email. From youth support groups to adult fellowship groups, Uniting Churches in New South Wales and the ACT have unique services for people living with disability and their families, tailored to their needs. In some cases, these spring up because of congregations’ needs. In others, churches start new outreaches for their local community context. In every case however, there is a desire to be inclusive of all the abilities that form part of the Body of Christ. Read the Human Needs Not Special Needs feature in the Christmas issue of Insights.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ editor


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