Is this goodbye to the controversial lamb ad?

Is this goodbye to the controversial lamb ad?

When it comes to TV commercials there are excellent examples and conversely there are some shockers. If you are like me, you cringe at some, in particular at the health comparison web site that is no longer funny and has past its use by date.

And just when you thought Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) had dined out on all the ideas on how to market lamb, its creative agency (aptly named The Monkeys) has caused yet another stir. If you haven’t seen the ad, there’s a fair chance you have heard or read about the backlash.

Within a few days of its first airing, Australia’s advertising watchdog had already received a number of complaints. Now we read the Indian government has intervened in the controversy, lodging an official diplomatic complaint. The Indian high commissioner had made a “demarche” to three Australian government departments – Foreign Affairs, Communications and Agriculture.

Their main beef (mixed livestock term I know) is the depiction in the ad of the Hindu deity Ganesha, eating lamb, citing it as “ignorant and insensitive”.

So what for other faiths? Whilst the Indian government has lodged a protest on behalf of its citizens of the Hindu faith, who will express concern on behalf the followers of the good shepherd himself, Jesus, who is also on the ad’s character list.

If we are meat eaters, do we forego the lamb roast, deny ourselves of the odd lamb chop or give up the lamb’s fry and bacon?

Whatever our personal and collective response, one thing remains, when it comes to the retail price of lamb, we are being well and truly fleeced. Worst still, some monkey is pulling the wool over our eyes!


Allan Gibson


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