In search of happiness

In search of happiness

The days can get hard and for some, the days can be more unbearable than the rest. That’s why today is so important. It’s International Day of Happiness and no, this doesn’t command you to be happy but it makes us think more about what happiness looks like and when/where we feel it.

For just five minutes, an hour or how about the whole day, instead of dwelling in our problems let’s try and find a piece of happiness.

  1. What and who do you appreciate?

Write it down. Repeat it in your head.  It might be family, friends or that song you just heard- everyday there is something we can appreciate.  We can be bogged down by all our worries that we forget what helps us keep going. Remembering what lifts us up might just spark a bit of happiness within.

So start with this, “I’m grateful for…”

Here is a quick song to set the mood.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

  1. Say it with love

The great thing about happiness is that you can help spread it. Share a smile or a laugh. Tell the person next to you what you appreciate about them. You might be the person to turn their whole day around for the better. Why not start a chain-reaction of love and happiness.

  1. Be Still

Stand or sit for a second and just breathe. Feel the breeze, the sun and taste the rain. Especially in the city it’s easy to be caught in the rush. It seems like a race against time. Listen to your body and ask yourself, ‘how am I really feeling today and why?’

  1. Treat your self

Once in a while have that piece of cake. Mute social media and relax. Remember to take rest.



  1. Say a little prayer

Prayer is an open line to God and He is taking your calls whether you know it or not. Whether you need strength to get through the day or just give thanks, God is listening. Take comfort in knowing that you aren’t walking through this day or the next one, alone. I don’t know about you but in knowing this, I can’t help but crack a smile.


Want to make an even bigger happiness impact? The United Nations and the Smurfs have teamed up to highlight the importance of happiness in people’s lives around the globe. The UN 17 Sustainable Development goals fundamentally look to creating a world of well-being and happiness. The three aspects of the goals work towards reducing inequality, ending poverty and protecting our planet. They want to hear from you how we can ensure that we reach these goals.

Watch the video below and hashtag #SmallSmurfsBigGoals.

International Day of Happiness 2017 - Small Smurfs Big Goals


Melissa Stewart


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