Huwaida Arraf meets with Uniting Church members

Huwaida Arraf meets with Uniting Church members

Palestinian American activist Huwaida Arraf met with members of the Uniting Church Relations with Other Faiths (ROF) Committee.

In a wide-ranging meeting, they discussed the situation in Israel and Palestine, with Arraf sharing some of her experiences as a peace activist with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Born and raised in the US, she spent a few years of her childhood in Israel.

Huwaida told the meeting that she felt optimistic after recent opinion polls showed that more Americans are sympathetic towards the plight of Palestinians.

The meeting came towards the end of Arraf’s visit to Australia, which also featured speaking engagements at the University of Sydney and the Victorian College of the Arts. The trip marked her first time in Australia.

As part of the ISM, Arraf has helped train volunteers from around the world in non-violence and in human-rights monitoring and reporting. In 2008, she was filmed by a Korean news agency while standing in the way of an Israeli soldier, who appeared to be aiming his gun at protesters.

A human rights lawyer with a firm operating in Detroit, Arraf told Insights that her caseload is currently being handled by coworkers until her return to the US.

The ROF Committee previously visited Israel and Palestine in 2017 as part of a study tour.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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