How to be part of the next Climate protest on 20 September

How to be part of the next Climate protest on 20 September

Three days before the UN Emergency Climate Summit, the Global #ClimateStrike is taking place in the streets of different corners of the planet to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels and climate justice for everyone.

The Uniting Church Synod of NSW & ACT is the first major institution in the country that supports young people in protesting for Climate movement. It is also allowing administrative staff time off to attend the march if they wish to be involved.

Moderator, Rev. Simon Hansford, said “the world is facing a climate emergency and urgent action is essential to give hope to future generations” and that “we need to support the initiatives of young people on this issue and that includes support of the global climate protests”.

Workers, students, and Unions across the country are also organising themselves to set their voice in this urgent matter, as Australia is now under imminent threat while the mining giant Adani is trying to build the biggest coal mine in Australia’s history in central Queensland.

If you would like to get involved but can’t participate in the march, you can also:

  • Host a viewing of the film 2040 to raise awareness of climate change and the need for climate action. Read about 2040 here.
  • Send a letter to your local politician using this template.
  • Discover how you can get your local politician to take some real climate action here.
  • Display a banner out the front of your church. You can order a “Climate Emergency: God didn’t create a Planet B” banner here.
  • Read the vision of the UCA for the Renewal of the Whole of Creation, which is part of Our Vision for a Just Australia.
  • Use your social media to stand for climate justice, using the hashtags: #ClimateAction #noplanetB #climateemergency #StopAdani and #ClimateStrike.

If you would like to help organise a climate march in your workplace or community, register here. You can also join a marchhere

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