Hear the gospel In Her Voice

Hear the gospel In Her Voice

In Her Voice: Raising Women’s Voices in Preaching the Gospel has been released today by Garratt Publishing. It offers 28 theological reflections from Australian women.

In Her Voice emerged from the Australian Women Preach podcast – an initiative which aims to raise women’s voices in preaching the Gospel.

According to the podcast’s hosts, it grew out of a desire to share the gifts and insights of diverse women within the church in Australia.

Dr Tracy McEwan is a member of the Australian Women Preach team. She said that the book is a testament to the vitality and importance of ‘hearing’ women’s voices.

“The podcast has demonstrated the impact of listening to women preach on the Gospel and has provided a platform for voices that otherwise might have gone unheard,” Dr McEwan said.

“Week after week, the podcast has highlighted the high calibre of Australian women preachers who bring diverse life experiences to their understanding of the Gospel. Each of the reflections in this book is a treasure waiting to be unearthed.”

The women featured in the book come from across Australia: from different generations, different cultural backgrounds, and even different Christian denominations. What they do share is a knowledge and love of the gospel, and a Spirit-given desire to preach.

Patricia Gemmell is a podcast team member and contributor to the book.

“It was the silencing of women’s voices in the Australian Catholic Church that motivated this group of women to try and make a difference,” she said.

“Listen to some of our podcasts, or read the book, and you will be struck by the wisdom and insights of these women who strive to faithfully interpret the gospel in the light of the signs of our times. We have always tried to model the church we seek to be – inclusive, diverse, and welcoming – and we are truly proud of what we have achieved in making a space for these voices.”

The Uniting Church has had women preachers since the church formed in 1977, however many other denominations do not ordain women or allow them to preach to mixed congregations.

In Her Voice launched on Wednesday 1 March at The Grail in Australia’s Sydney Centre in North Sydney. An online launch will take via Zoom on Thursday 9 March at 7:30pm. Registration is available here.

To purchase a copy of In Her Voice click here.


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