God through the lens

God through the lens

We all see God and his influence on our lives through different eyes, filtered by the lens of our own unique experiences. The camera zooms in on and captures just a millisecond of that view, allowing the artist to share a glimpse of their perspective with others.

Normanhurst Uniting Church is again exploring this in it’s 3rd annual photography competition by asking the question “How do you see God?” Entrants are invited to share their photos that show how they see God influencing the world, whether it be a magnificent vista, a new child’s smile or something that may not always be associated with God.

The goal of the competition is to share our views and feelings about God’s influence with a wider audience. The competition is both about the picture and the photographer’s explanation of how it shows God’s influence.

With the prevalence of digital photography and quality of picture that can be captured from a phone camera, the competition is open to all and not just the professional photographer.

There are four divisions in the adult category, with the “All Creatures Great and Small” division specifically for those 12 years old and under.

The competition website includes photos from the previous two years, showing the wide variety of perspectives captured by the entrants.

Entries will close on the 18th August with the winners to be announced at the exhibition opening on 7th September 2013. The photos will then be on display in the church for the following week.

For more information:
(02) 9487 2467


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