Glenbrook Uniting Church to host Blessing of the Animals service

Glenbrook Uniting Church to host Blessing of the Animals service

On 10 September, Glenbrook Uniting Church open their doors to creatures great and small for their annual Blessing of the Animals service.

The service will see people bring their pets into the church in a celebration of creation.

Rev. Ellie Elia is Glenbrook’s Minister.

“If you have never experienced a miracle, then go to a Blessing of the Animals service,” she  said.

The service has taken place in previous years. Rev. Elia told Insights that the service has previously taken place without any problems.

“Every year we do this service I am amazed to see how animals in church – Yes INSIDE the church, brings a deep sense of peace and connection,” she said.

“They somehow make us more human, better human beings in their presence. They are the ones who are really doing the blessing. So far no one has ever pooed in the church. If they did, we would gladly practice forgiveness and grace.”

As well as bringing pets, Glenbrook Uniting Church is encouraging people to bring ‘made’ animals. Pets will need to be kept on a leash or in a carrier.

Glenbrook Uniting Church’s Blessing of the Animals service takes place on Sunday, 10 September at 9:30am.


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