For the common good

For the common good

Uniting for the Common Good has been chosen as the theme for Synod 2013.

The Moderator of the Synod of New South Wales and the ACT, the Rev. Dr Brian Brown, said the theme would challenge the Synod to think about how the Uniting Church, the nation and the community uses its resources to ensure that people benefit widely and that the people who most need resources get them.

He said the Uniting Church ethos “leans us towards asking questions about ‘what is the common good and how do we serve it?’

“I believe that when we are talking about the common good we are talking about social justice for all. We are also talking about eco-justice for creation; caring for the planet and not despoiling it.

“This might mean, for example, arguing for more resources for education, disability and other health services, addressing the tragic issue of youth suicide or taking other action in our churches and in our world.

“I firmly believe that the mission of Christ was and is a mission to serve the common good.”

Dr Brown said the theme would be reflected in the way the Synod meeting was organised, the issues Synod members discussed, the Bible studies from various theological perspectives and how the Synod followed through with key decisions in the months following the meeting.

The theme also tied in with fresh expressions in mission, he said, which was about being in the community, discovering what the community needs are and helping to meet them for the common good and not for getting people in to church — “although we love to do that, of course, too!”

The Synod meeting will be at Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga, from April 13 to 16.

All Uniting Church people are welcome to take part – though you must be a Synod member to vote and to be involved in any closed sessions.

Mark your diaries now and watch Insights for further updates!


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