Food for Thought: Fair Treatment’s new animation series

Food for Thought: Fair Treatment’s new animation series

The Uniting Advocacy team has unveiled the new Food for Thought animation series for the Fair Treatment campaign for drug law reform.

These videos are designed to get people thinking differently about our drug laws and to start up a new, honest and open conversation. The hope is that they will be helpful to us all in changing the narrative about drugs and help people to better understand why we’re campaigning on this issue.

The animations were screened privately to a small group of Uniting Church leaders and staff last week, along with some Church members who have been actively involved in the campaign. The feedback was very positive, and the Uniting team encouraged Ministers and members of congregations to get involved by sharing the animations as they are released on their social media pages, in church newsletters, on websites and during weekend services.

The first video in the series, ‘Under Decriminalisation‘, is ready for viewing here. It explores what would happen to someone caught with personal quantities of illicit drugs.

The Uniting Church and Uniting aren’t alone in this work and there is a growing consensus that we need to modernise our approach and find alternatives to criminal punishment for people who use drugs. And from best practice overseas, we see what can be achieved if laws are fair, evidence-based, compassionate and promote the health and well-being of our community.

As Moderator Rev Simon Hansford said at the launch of Fair Treatment’s Decriminalisation Discussion Paper earlier this year, ‘Drug law reform is no longer a fringe issue – mainstream Australia wants reform!’

The Fair Treatment team is calling on Uniting church members to get involved by sharing these videos via social media and through their networks and signing our #FairTreatment pledge. Visit the official site here.


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