Final Synod 2021 meetings take place next week

Final Synod 2021 meetings take place next week

The final meetings for the 2021 Synod are set to take place next week, on Wednesday, 4 August and Saturday, 7 August.

The meetings will decide who will be the Moderator Elect, with the outcome to be announced during the Sunday meeting. The candidates include Rev. Viniana (Vinnie) Ravetali, Rev. Faaimata (Mata) Havea Hiliau, and Rev. Simon Lee.

Synod members will consider a proposal about how to resource the Future Directions agenda.

The Wednesday meeting will also hear a report from the Saltbush team about their work.

The Sunday meeting will feature the final Bible study from Dr Sathi Clarke, who will hold a QandA session with members afterwards. Dr Clarke is currently underway with a residency at United Theological College.

With the state of NSW in lockdown, the Synod meeting will not have the prior hybrid format. Under this model, some staff including the Moderator and General Secretary presented from the North Parramatta.

The final Synod 2021 meetings take place from 6pm to 9:30pm on Wednesday 4 August and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday 7 August. The meetings will be streamed on the Synod’s official Facebook page. Insights will provide ongoing coverage.


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