Fepakis Funaki’s reflection on UYC 2023

Fepakis Funaki’s reflection on UYC 2023

Psalm 23:4

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff they comfort me”.

This year’s Youth camp’s theme was “ That Is My Team’’ I will focus on the theme as well as exploring on my experience at the Collaroy Centre where the camp was held this year in October.

As I began this journey, I had a bible verse that resonate with me from the start of the camp until the end. This Bible reading was Psalm 23 verse 4 “ Even though I walk in the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff they comfort me”. This verse helped my journey during the tough times and the challenging times I experienced at camp. Because firstly when I made the decision to attend this camp I was very skeptical of going as i thought i wouldn’t know anyone there and many thought in my head. This caused me to fell a little weary and homesick on the first day of arrival.

But it wasn’t too long until I saw my cousins and girls from other churches in my presbytery that I began to feel a part of this team. I felt at ease with a smile knowing that God has got me remembering my little chosen verse and I praise him for all his protection. Anyhow, we began to share stories and some food and it was from there onwards I just felt at home and started to feel more comfortable at camp.

Afterwards we began to move out and began our different activities which included a lot of walking, sightseeing and even a bonus was going to the beach for a sports day. It started off with waterslide activity and it was very fun. At first I was too nervous to do it because again we were put in to groups that we have never met each other before but at the end I realise it was about meeting new people in the same faith and sharing activities that can connect us together a one and it reminds me of who God is in the midst of the unfamiliar places that I have visited in my life.

During camp we enjoyed many worship times through singing songs and sharing the Word of God. I found this very exciting and an eye opener as I fell the love of God in sharing with new friends that we have not cross paths before but our Christian faith lead us to come together and praise his holy name.

As time came close to the end of the camp which was my favourite time, it was a Talent night. There was singing, people doing magic tricks as their way of showing their talents and many more talents shown on this special night for all the participants. The talent that resonated with me and my identity as a Tongan was the Polynesian boys’ performance. This performance stuck out for me because these brothers in Christ got to share our culture with people of different background to mines and in the end throughout their praise and singing it brought everyone together as a community. That is my TEAM in a nutshell.

Overall I have learnt from this years Uniting Youth Camp 2023 that as Christians we can be a team with all people as long as we put our difference aside and accept one another for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord because he calls us to love one another so that we are known as his children where ever we might go in this world full of challenges and struggles. As I finish my reflection I would like to thank my parents for letting me go to this Camp I will never forget and Rev. Sunny and the Warnervale Regional UCA for supporting Saia and I to attend this camp.

Looking forward to what next UYC has for us.

Fepaki Gabriella Funaki


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