Faith Facing Reality

Faith Facing Reality

From Monday, 27 February, Orange Uniting Church will host weekly presentations devoted to unpacking deeper theological issues.

Developed by Rev. Dr Bill Loader, these evening sessions will explore topics ranging from suffering to what people today can really know about Jesus and his values.

Rev. Dr Loader told Insights, “These sessions are designed to help people who want to engage in critical reflection and questioning about key aspects of their faith and to explore ways forward which have intellectual integrity and make sense today.”

“The sessions may leave some with answers and others with more questions,” he said.

“They are designed to provoke thought within the context of an informed faith.”

Rev. Dr Loader said the four issues addressed in the presentations reflect matters central in his own faith journey over the years, as well as questions central over the history of faith communities.

“Over time and already within the biblical period the questions have varied and so have the answers,” he said.

“My deep commitment to spirituality, a sense of connection God in this world, motivates the series. The sessions are not for those who seek simple answers and an unruffled faith.”

The session topics include:

27 February: “God talk” and suffering: The ups and downs of thinking about God

6 March: The Bible and History: Making the Journey from Fundamentalism

13 March: Jesus and the Adulation of Power: What can we really know about Jesus and his values?

20 March: Futures and Fantasies: What can faith hope for?

‘Faith Facing Reality’ will take place weekly at Orange Uniting Church on Monday nights from 7:30 to 9pm starting on 27 February.  

The sessions will also be available online via Orange Uniting Church’s page. Select the ‘Live’ tab.


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