Expresso Arts: Spirituality linked with creative expression

Expresso Arts: Spirituality linked with creative expression

Every month, a group of people gather together in a café-style setting in The Dungeon beneath Adamstown Uniting Church. They listen to artists that provoke thought about deeper issues around faith and life. Expresso seeks to create deeper faith and community through the sharing of music, stories and creativity. Featured artists provide a rich environment to stimulate ideas through music, art, comedy and other performing arts.

As it fosters an appetite for sharing a richly creative experience with like-minded people, Expresso also serves up delicious food and drinks.
Alison Davies is in charge of promotions for Expresso, having taken over from Heather Price in the task of letting the wider community know about this unique performance space.

Insights spoke with Alison and Heather about the ideas behind Expresso and the space made for creative expression. The pair are long-time friends, musicians, songwriters and performers who have a passion for encouraging creativity.

“Expresso has been going for about four years and is a family-friendly and inclusive space,” explains Alison. “It’s a really relaxed atmosphere in a café setting where we have feature artists that share their art with us and share something about their story.”

“As well as an opportunity to support local artists, it is also an insight into artists’ creativity and passion and sharing something of themselves. We definitely have a passion for the arts and want people to seek deeper meaning in the arts.”

Expresso audiences at The Dungeon at Adamstown Uniting Church are between 50-100 people. A core of regulars support the program but Expresso also attracts people who wouldn’t normally come to Church.

“We are always looking out for performers that would be a great fit for Expresso,” says Alison.

Heather adds: “We have come to a point, I feel, in the Church where there are a lot of preconceptions about what happens in Church – and that get in the way of what’s important.”

There’s a synergy between performer and the audience at Expresso that enables a unique kind of conversation to begin. As Heather explains, people in the audience often relate to the creative expression from performers, regardless of whether or not they are Christian.

“Creative arts is a medium through which people can let that barrier down and allow themselves to think more deeply and more personally,” explains Heather.

“It allows much deeper thought and discussion about deeper things. It’s a great way not just to reach out to a broader community but also to be people who are able to sit in a room together and talk about deeper and really important issues which are so often ignored in every other aspect of our modern life.”


To find out more about Expresso Arts go to their website for upcoming performances 


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