Edifying the church

Edifying the church

Live and Laid Back is a new online show for youth and young adults that explores discipleship, faith, and some of the challenges of the pandemic. The show aims to unearth, “the powerful and uplifting stories of the Church in order to extol, edify and encourage its members.”

The first episode drops on Thursday 28 May at 11:30 am.

Liu Palu and Andrew McCloud are the hosts. Liu told Insights, “Live and Laid Back is a cloud space for youth and young adults and the wider Uniting Church to journey together on questions of faith, discipleship and vocation.”

Live and Laid Back is all about unearthing, celebrating and bringing to light people in our worlds of faith, the church and organising who are doing great things and have powerful stories to share,” she said.

“In our first conversation with Rev Kent Crawford we’re unpacking what vocation and discipleship are about to help people consider how they can see themselves doing ministry in the Uniting Church and the world according to their gifts and talents.”

Live and Laid Back episode one drops on Facebook live at 11:30 am, Thursday 28 May. For more information, visit the Facebook event page here.


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