Driven by Purpose: Charities that Make the Difference

Driven by Purpose: Charities that Make the Difference

Stephen Judd, Anne Robinson, Felicity Errington, Hammond Press

Driven by purpose came about because the authors believe that many of the charities of Australia are having an identity crisis and do not know who they are or why they are doing what they are doing.

The authors also believe that the reason that “the who” and “the why” of charities is so important is that they affect the what, where and how of what these charities do.

The  authors cover a wide ground on this issue, including the history of the charitable works organised by Paul and the early Church, charities in Australia since White settlement, an explanation of what charity is and could be, the tax office’s concept of charity, the legal definition of charity and a great deal of linguistic analysis.

The authors also raise a number of interesting questions; such as should charities have reserves; how should charities deal with the governments that support them financially and then gag them; why should charities be tax exempt; and who are the moral owners of a charity?

Driven by Purpose is carefully researched and includes legal case studies and statistics. The authors are well qualified to write this type of book. Dr Stephen Judd is CEO of HammondCare, an independent Christian charity that seeks to improve the quality of life for people in need. Anne Robinson established the firm Prolegis Lawyer, a specialist firm that focuses on providing legal services to not for profit and other charitable organisations.

Felicity Errington currently works in international development in partnership with locally based NGOs in the Asia Pacific region.

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