Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Risen is one of the most notable releases at cinemas right now. But how does this imaginative approach to Jesus’ death and life stack up, as an historical thriller?

Mark Hadley investigated Risen for The Big Picture this week, and his full report can be watched below. Apart from Mark telling all about whether Risen is a help or stumbling block to seeking Jesus, co-host Ben brings some surprising news about Will Smith’s new drama Concussion. Here’s a hint: God is a bigger player in that “David vs Goliath” drama, than you may have realised.

Ben also confesses about his time watching Channel 7’s latest reality show, First Dates. Tune in below and click here for the full Big Picture podcast, also featuring a special preview of Downton Abbey, as well as “Top TV Show You’d Take To A Desert Island.

Bringing us all a Christian perspective on movies, TV and pop culture, The Big Picture is on-air and streaming online every week from 8pm on Sydney’s Hope 103.2FM.

Now Showing: Risen from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

Now Showing: Concussion from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

What Your Kids Are Watching: First Dates from The Big Picture on Vimeo.


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