Dear John

(M) Roadshow DVD/BD

Director Lasse Halstrom has elevated this Nicholas Sparks kitchen sink drama above what could have been lightweight material. The photogenic stars Amanda Seyfreid and Channing Tatum also help. But one can’t fight the notion that this is a one-note romance that ticks all the (now clichéd Sparks) boxes.

Death, separation across the miles and letter writing (lots of letter writing) turn this film into a sentimental and glossy affair. Seyfreid stars as college student Savannah who falls for a GI on furlough (subdued Tatum as John Tyree).

Excellent support from Richard Jenkins as John’s distant father and Henry Thomas as a long-time friend and confidante of Savannah, along with languid sunsets and a somewhat sanitised version of Iran post 9/11, don’t help this film rise above its Mills and Boon style romance.

And we have Nicholas Sparks to thank for that, not the film’s attractive stars.

Adrian Drayton



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