Creator of viral ‘Best First Date’ video coming to Australia

Creator of viral ‘Best First Date’ video coming to Australia

The creator of the ‘Best First Date’ video, seen over 8.5 million times on Youtube is coming to Australia as ambassador for the Dads 4 Kids ‘Love Your Children’ Father’s Day Tour.

Aaron Dickson is a Worship Pastor at Bellingham Church, Seattle. He started an Insurance company with 2 of his friends with one goal: To give all their profits to Compassion. Inspired by meeting his Compassion child ‘Camilito,’ Aaron’s business partner came up with the business name ‘BeCause of Camilito.’

In the lead up to Father’s Day in the USA, Aaron decided to post of video on the company’s YouTube Channel. The video featured Aaron taking his 3 year old daughter out on a date. They expected it to be watched by a few hundred people at best.

‘We got picked up by, Faithit and FaithSmiles, and after that it took on a life of its own. Once it hitLiftbumpIJReview, and BuzzFeed, it went crazy. Millions of views, hundreds of thousands of shares, and comments galore,’ Aaron said.

Little did he know the online furore it would cause, with many claiming the video was ‘creepy.’

It gained interest from around the world, and in an interview on Ch 7’s Sunrise, Samantha Armytage and David Koche both lamented the way dads are given a bad rap and even demonised by society.

Aaron hopes to encourage dads to invest into spending time with their kids in the lead-up to Father’s Day and to change people’s perception that ‘dating your daughter’ is creepy and in fact, it should happen regularly. For more information about the Dads4Kids ‘Love Your Children’ Father’s Day Tour visit

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