Connecting members, building communities

Connecting members, building communities

Insights to go bi-monthly and mobile

For over 20 years Insights magazine has connected members of the Uniting Church in NSW and the ACT and the wider church, helping us to live as a united community, living God’s love and acting for the common good.

The February/March issue of Insights will be the first of our new bi-monthly format which we hope our readers will enjoy. It will have more articles and more in-depth news on contemporary issues facing the Church as we move forward on our journey together as a Pilgrim People.

We hope to improve the way we communicate, not just in print but also electronically. It will be a time for learning as we want to engage wider audiences more innovatively including our next generation, our younger Church members.

Insights magazine will still contain regular columns and features. These resources will also be available to access via your smart phone and tablet, via a more responsive experience, tailored to your specific device. In making Insights available in this format we are reaching a percentage of the 12 million people who own a mobile device in this country, reaching a new community of people who access information in this way on a daily basis.

Alongside the bi-monthly print issue of the magazine we will be offering more digital resources including videos and podcasts that can be downloaded for use in Church services and small groups.

The new bi-monthly format means you will receive your magazine every two months instead of every month. Insights will be delivered on the second Sunday of every second month; the exception will be the April/May edition which will arrive during Easter week ready for Easter Sunday.

Weekly ENews

Each week more than 3,000 members receive the Synod Newsletter electronically from the General Secretary, which is another important way to stay connected.  The number of subscribers is increasing every week and it is a great way to catch up on the week’s events and news from around the organisation. You can sign up to this weekly communication at

Connecting and engaging

Social media is allowing us to keep up with our families and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we share information images and videos with our communities.  As a Church we unite as one big community living God’s love. Help us engage with each other in community, express our faith and our Christian witness in the 21st Century by sharing your stories with us on the UCelebrate and Insights Facebook pages.

Going green

We are committed to being an even greener church, to tread lightly on our planet and to reduce our footprint.   The reduction in print issues of Insights magazine to six issues a year will not only help us spend our limited resources more wisely, it will reduce our impact on our precious environment, protecting God’s creation.


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  1. Just wanted to ask – when you talk about electronic version for smart phones and tablets – are you referring to iphones and ipads only – for example, the Lent Event app is for Apple products only. Is Insights going to have apps that works for all smart phones?

    1. The new Insights website will be available for all smart phone (Android and Apple) and all tablets. It will be accessible across all mobile formats.

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