Connected: You and God in the Psalms

Connected: You and God in the Psalms

Peter Wallace, Morehouse

The Psalms can be elusive.

Sometimes they hit us right where we live and they seem to open right up to us.

Other times they seem distant, perhaps too archaic.

Peter Wallace’s new book is an excellent partner in navigating the Psalms (90 of them, anyway).

Wallace writes as one who has had the eye-opening experience of finding his own faith and feelings reflected in the language of the Psalms.

He also writes as one with a gift for selecting the right vignette to unlock an insight and the right illustration to open new understandings.

The book is structured simply, with each of the 90 featured Psalms receiving a two-page treatment that is brief without being superficial.

Wallace takes the passages from the Psalms and connects them with our lives today, providing many rich insights.

Wallace offers his thoughts and asks engaging questions that shift the focus to the reader’s faith journey.

Connected would be a useful companion for anyone interested in Psalm-related devotional material.

It would make an excellent supplement for those who engage in the discipline of reading the Daily Lectionary with its regular forays into the Psalms.

The book could be used for individual study or it could even be an excellent mechanism for an adult Bible study on the Psalms.

Peter Harvey


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