Climate agreement needs Australian leadership says peak Christian body

Climate agreement needs Australian leadership says peak Christian body

The National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) has called on Prime Minister Turnbull to show leadership in commitment to the global climate agreement by stating it is our best chance for the stewardship of the world around us.

This comes after the President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement signed in 2015. The U.S joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only other countries that have decided not to participate in the global landmark agreement.

NCCA President, Bishop Philip Huggins, said the Paris Agreement is a momentous deal that is “bigger than just one country, one person or a handful of climate sceptics.”

“It is about the urgent survival of humanity, the ability for all children to be able to born into and live in a world with clean air and clean water,” said Bishop Huggins.

The General Secretary of the NCCA, Sr Elizabeth Delaney SGS, agreed that when it comes to climate change, it is our survival at stake.

“Prime Minister Turnbull, a man of faith, will understand that Australians are looking to him for leadership on one of the biggest threats facing us and future generations.

“Australia needs to keep its focus on the task of implementing and strengthening its commitments to its people and those in surrounding countries for a 1.5 degree warming limit,” said Sr Delaney.

Bishop Huggins stated that it is our neighbours in the Pacific particular Tuvalu and the Carteret Islands that are already being confronted by the effects of climate change.

This includes rising sea levels and warmer waters that are affecting fish supplies, vegetation and livestock.

“This climate deal, signed by 195 countries is about action and trust that our leaders understand that there is no second chance at this.

“Global warming is real, and it will have devastating effects on us in our lifetime.  Prime Minister Turnbull should lead in protecting this planet for our children and for their children, regardless of the short sightedness of the US President or climate sceptics,” concluded Bishop Huggins.


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