Church leaders issue pastoral letter

Church leaders issue pastoral letter

The Moderator and General Secretary of the Synod of New South Wales and the ACT have issued a pastoral letter to congregations regarding the national Assembly meeting in Adelaide in July, with particular reference to deliberations on proposals relating to same-gender marriage.

The letter asks for prayer for the Assembly and its members, noting that, “while the Uniting Church position clearly states that marriage is between a man and a woman, we are being asked, cognisant of the public debate and our own experience as a church community, to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit as we engage in the public discourse, seek to order our own life and empower the church to fulfil its mission in 21st century Australia.”

Read the pastoral letter here.


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2 thoughts on “Church leaders issue pastoral letter”

  1. it is important for the church to be inclusive and contemporary – if not supporting same sex marriage as such, there needs to be another system such as a union ceremony or something along those lines.
    Just a thought – God loves everyone

  2. The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators (5000-6000 people) want the Government to create a Humanist’s “Marriage Equality” which is defined by government as the legal union between any 2 people (friends in a business partnership) for the purpose of harm minimisation (high LGBTIAQ suicide). When governments “open” marriage up to “same-sex marriage,” they also have to acknowledge “Marriage Equality” to married couples whom identify in an “open marriage” which are already legal in Australia, but most Australian married couples don’t identify their marriage as an “open marriage.” However, once a majority of married couples identify their marriages as “open”, then their is nothing to stop this man-made marriage accepting multiple spouses, short-term marriage contracts etc. Health science provides evidence when body parts are used against their function this is called abuse. The government doesn’t stop people from certain consenting adult abuse such as smoking, alcohol consumption, gambling, sodomy, obesity, adultery/affairs, prostitution, legal pornography etc (harm minimisation). Marriage already has the abuse (sin) of domestic violence which governments are trying to address because of the significant harmful health and relationship problems which have negatively affected Australian society. The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators want to put the abuse (sin) of sodomy in marriage to have this blessed by the Christian church. My german forefathers had non-legal marriages because the King tried to control their minds by persuading them to get married in his state church, but they refused because the King was getting all his immoral acts blessed in his state church, which is no different to the blessing of sodomy.

    People are making a total mockery out of marriage, and this can be observed in the current English law on marriage which exposes the fantasy of “same-sex marriage” as same-sex couples don’t have to consummate the marriage and adultery is irrelevant, but these continue to be relevant in man-woman marriages (the joke is these marriages aren’t really equal at all). There are Americans whom are suing to marry their animal or machine. In western countries which have adopted the Humanist’s “Marriage Equality” this has reduced religious freedom, freedom of speech, the laws don’t make sense and have come under attack, Christians believe they have become a “slave nation” as the dictators don’t allow them a right to exercise their moral conscience. Christians have been fined, jailed , lost jobs and businesses for not participating in the celebration of sodomy – abuse (sin).

    My family visited Disneyland, and this is a real place, people have real jobs, and it pays government taxes. The government could force the Catholic church to marry Cinderella and Prince Charming, but there would be people whom would never believe this to be a real marriage. The Humanist’s “Marriage Equality” is man’s imagination of a fantasy marriage like Disneyland where all your dreams can come true. The government could force the Catholic church to marry a same-sex couple, but there would be people whom will never believe this to be a real marriage. Australians wouldn’t exchange their real money or gold for monopoly money. Could Australians be deceived to exchange a real marriage created by God for a fantasy marriage created by the Government and the laws define marriage, family including legally separating children from their biological parents?

    Christians are called to discern the scriptures for God’s truth about his marriage. God never stated for “man and man” or “woman and woman” to become “one flesh” and fill the earth with people because this is impossible, even for God. The Bible teaches clearly that the wages of sin is death, and if we don’t repent of our sins, then we are lost in our sin and the truth isn’t in us. Jesus Christ died a horrible death as the penalty of all sins. We are to repent of all of our sins and believe in Christ’s forgiveness of sins. Marriage and parenthood are a God given right and this is the reason they’re a Human right, and people don’t require a licence or certificate to be married or to be a parent. The Bible teaches that Christians need to be a light in this world and to separate from darkness. The Bible is clear against Christians being lukewarm and conforming to the ways of this world. Christians are taught to reject sin and all that is evil.

    The Catholic Bishop of Tasmania got into trouble with the anti-discrimination act because he distributed a booklet called “Don’t mess with marriage” which were given to catholic students and their families. The LGBTIAQ lobby-dictators viewed it as offensive to teach catholics the traditional meaning of marriage between one man and one woman which has been known from the beginning of time. Therefore, the Humanist’s “Marriage Equality” is a lie about expanding marriage to include same-sex couple, instead it is exchanging the traditional teachings of marriage for man’s imagination of a marriage to be “Open.” Christians can’t associate their marriage with a Humanist’s “Marriage Equality.” They will have to identify their marriage to the original meaning of marriage in the beginning of the Bible as “One Flesh” union. Christians shouldn’t be ashamed to call their marriages “One flesh” union because this is what God called it. Christians want to protect their right to practice “One Flesh” unions so the next generation of children aren’t taught that anal and oral sexual activities are the same as sexual intercourse. Christians want to protect the right of a child to be nurtured and raised by their biological mother and father, and parents want to maintain the right to decide the education of their children. Christians don’t believe same-sex marriage is for all married couples, otherwise our culture would cease to exist. I had homosexual and transgender experiences when I grew up in a immoral environment. When I was 9yrs old my girlfriend touched me (a sexual organ with a non-sexual organ) this is called sexual assault because I wasn’t old enough to legally consent to this sexual activity. Most homosexuals believe they have experienced homosexuality as a child. My first homosexual experience was in the girls toilets with10-15 girls. Homosexuality doesn’t follow the rules of consent, monogamy or marriage. Adults can make an informed decision and choose to participate in the gay life-style, their children are indirectly affected and haven’t got the choice to escape their environment. I have experienced child-on-child sexual abuse and adult abuse of power.

    Recently, when we were in San Francisco and Washington DC we couldn’t find a church to attend over our 3 week holiday because they were advertising a sexual agenda bigger than Christ. I wondered if they believed Christ was gay. The church advertised “Open,” with the cross in rainbow colours, and one church basically told Christians if they don’t believe in the gay agenda don’t bother coming. There is a gay Bible, with a cross in rainbow colours and the scriptures are changed to support the practice of homosexuality. The sheep and the goats are dividing as some churches support the Humanist’s “Marriage Equality.”

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