Church Leaders express condolences to families of MH370

Church Leaders express condolences to families of MH370

National church leaders have expressed their deep sorrow at the news of the loss of all lives on Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370.

At a recent meeting of the national Heads of church, prayers were offered in the hope of finding the location of MH 370. Now that the location has been identified as the southern Indian Ocean and families have been notified the churches uphold all who have lost loved ones in prayer.

The church leaders recognise the great loss to the 14 countries with residents on the flight and particularly the significant loss experienced in China and Malaysia and their respective communities in Australia.

“The uncertainty that the families have experienced since 8th March has been terrible, now the announcement that all lives were lost in the Southern Indian Ocean is sad and devastating for the families of all on flight MH 370. Hopefully this news will allow people to grieve.” said Reverend Tara Curlewis, general secretary of the National Council of Churches in Australia

Our condolences have been sent to the people of Malaysia and China through the churches and their networks.

Curlewis concluded “Along with other faith communities the churches continue to pray that the mystery will be solved and families will have closure. Many congregations and especially the ChineseMethodistChurch have been touch by this tragedy and offer support to those who are grieving in Australia.”


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