Celebrating creativity

Celebrating creativity

Review: Making It

Starring Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman

Perhaps one of the many offshoots of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we have all got a lot better at DIY.

Back in 2018, a reality show that celebrates craft in all its guises was launched – Making It.

Put simply, the show is a competition for the most original craftsperson who will be hailed the Master Maker. The journey through this series is as delightful and fun as you can imagine. Season one of the show has finally made it to Australia, with season two following soon.

Whatever your craft, this show is for you. Are you a hodgepodger (didn’t know what that was), do you work with wood, are you a quilter, do you work with felt or papier-mâché? If you are, this show is definitely for you – it’s about the tribe of people who are connected by the love of craft – whatever form it takes.

The show has a tried and true reality TV format, but the most glorious part of this celebration of craft is its hosts – Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Best known for their iconic roles in seven seasons of Parks and Recreation (and their alter egos Lesley Knope and Ron Swanson), this is a match made in TV heaven.

Smell That Wood with Nick and Amy

As it turns out Nick Offerman is also a carpenter, something Parks and Recreation often used throughout its run, and Making It works to Nick’s strengths with segments throughout the show such as “Smell that wood” which has Nick identifying wood by its’ smell and “Will it saw?” where they test what objects can be sawed through with a band saw. And there’s even the occasional craft pun-off. And yes, it is as silly as it sounds, as the clips below and above can attest.

Amy vs Nick: Craft Pun-off (exclusive clip from Making It)

A lot of the comedy in the show comes from Amy’s total lack of crafting ability and Nick’s ability to literally craft a ukulele or kayak from scratch. Contestants, or artisans, have a range of abilities and as always it’s the back stories of the competitors that makes the show interesting.

This is a competition show that hates eliminating people however, and—in a Making It tradition—there’s a bit at the end of each episode that shows that no one’s ever truly gone. Instead of whittling people down, Making It builds a found family every week.

Although in Australia we only have access to season one through Binge (a new streaming service), season two will be dropping soon.

In a perfect world, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman would currently be gearing up to shoot the third season of Making It. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans are on hold for the time being. So instead of making it, the dynamic duo is winging it remotely .

Taking to social media via Zoom recently,  they announced the Making It At Home junk drawer challenge, a “communal arts and crafts class” of sorts that brings the fun and ingenuity of Making It to our homes, and challenges you to craft creations from everyday supplies.

Poehler and Offerman announced a new challenge every few days on the show’s Facebook page and some great craft ideas on their Instagram feed. The challenge finished on May 23, but all the episodes are definitely worth watching, and the craft tips are fun to try at home.

Making It is a joyous show that is fun for the whole family.

Creating connects us all. It stretches our imaginations and flights of fancy. It’s about creating heirlooms and connecting memories. And if you think about it, creativity and creating connects us to our creator God.

Making It season one is currently streaming on Binge.com.au

Follow the Making It Facebook page for exclusive clips and extras.


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