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The private pain of a President’s death

A dark, depressing yet different perspective on the assassination of JFK.


What’s under the hood of the Furious franchise?

Review: The Fate of the Furious Starring: Vin Deisel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, Scott Eastwood Family. More than fast cars,...


The origins of fast food…

REVIEW: The Founder (M) Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch Director John Lee Hancock has made a successful career of directing biopics such as The...

The Church Guide for Making Decisions Together

In defense of the consensus model

Review: The Church Guide for Making Decisions Together In an Easter article former UCA President Jill Tabart ruefully observed: “The consensus model is not being used...


A monster mess of a movie

A sci-fi comedy that only young boys could love.


The choreography of dreams

To dance on rooftops with the backdrop of the emerging City of Lights, is a dream that the new family animation, Ballerina, delivers to the audience.


What can go wrong with Titanic in space

Review: Passengers (M) Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence If you had the opportunity to start your life over, would you jump at the opportunity to sleep for 120 years and...

Last Days in the Desert

Jesus the imaginary friend

Review: Last Days in the Desert (M) Ewan McGregor, Ciaran Hinds, Tye Sheridan  Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness. But you probably already knew that. Even if you...


Forget Jar Jar, Rogue One delivers

Review: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story (M) Felicity Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen Fans have finally been given a prequel worthy of the vast Star...


Who’s the boss of your house

Need some quick help with knowing what to watch this week? Tune in to The Big Picture’s latest reviews, featuring new family film The Boss Baby. The Big...