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Let go of what you rely on

I’m finalising this column on the afternoon of the second State of Origin game. Tonight a large crowd will gather at a stadium at Homebush in Sydney, excited and...

The extraordinary value of supporting the body

When Saul of Tarsus fell from his horse on that famous road trip to Damascus in the 1st Century, he lost his sight in the glare of some profound revelations. He also...

Fighting the power with absolute power

If you were tied up, brutally beaten and dragged in front of someone who had the blessing of the government to send you to your death, do you think you’d be calm? It...

Investing in the future of the Church

If young adults are encouraged and become more passionate about Christ, through being part of Yuróra, then the return on that signficant investment is immeasurable.

The best song you could ever sing

My aunty passed away recently. Aged 90, she was a faithful old Methodist who was overjoyed when I told her a couple of years ago that I was going to start working for...

You are what owns you

The things that in a legal sense we own, they can own us — in a spiritual sense. And that is not healthy.

The return is great when we surrender all

Read more Making Money Matter columns by Warren Bird   Jesus knew when people were reaching out to him, even if they tried to conceal it. One example is the story...

Consume or contribute?

Read more Making Money Matter columns by Warren Bird   Have you ever gone shopping to get just a couple of items and ended up buying a lot more than you intended? I...

Working for God, no matter what

I haven’t suddenly started doing the “Christian work” I hankered for. I’ve been doing that all along.

Use what God has given us — productively

Jesus doesn't comdemn anyone for being rich. But he does get stuck into our attitudes and actions, when it comes to what we do with wealth.